Whether your company needs a fresh new identity, an updated website or an advertising campaign, we begin by getting to know you and your firm, your goals, your budget and your timeline. Together with you, we define your target audience and create project guidelines so that everyone knows what to expect. Our client relationships are built on mutual respect, active listening and careful attention to detail.


Brainstorming! In this stage, the sky’s the limit. We generate a broad array of ideas for how your project could look, and many directions it could go. Then we carefully narrow down the options until we have achieved the concept that will most accurately and winningly represent your business to the customer.


This stage is often the most exciting for the client, because your company’s ideas come to life almost before your eyes. We review our concepts with you, develop and refine them as needed and produce the final work in close communication with your team. In that way, we ensure that the project achieves your goals while staying within your budget.


Once you have approved the final draft of the project, we’ll make sure it gets to its ultimate destination—you, the printer, the webmaster or wherever it needs to go—in a timely fashion. That’s how Cleverfish communicates your innovative ideas to the customer in a memorable, action-inspiring way.

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who we are

The print and design professionals at Cleverfish craft your company's image with a can-do attitude, technical expertise and a forward-thinking grasp of trends.


what we do

Cleverfish's extensive portfolio of print, web, corporate identity and advertising pieces demonstrates our commitment to communicating your innovative ideas to the customer.


working with you

Cleverfish works with you to discover, discuss, develop and deploy the most innovative ideas in the service of your company's needs. Here's how the process works.