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European mobile roaming charges set to remain until 2018 (Thu, 5 Mar 2015 12:15:09 EST) The EU council of member states has reversed a previous decision to end European mobile roaming charges in 2015
BT to create 1,000 apprenticeships and graduate jobs (Thu, 5 Mar 2015 10:06:22 EST) BT to create a number of new roles in software development, IT, engineering and digital technology
European Commission outsources IT (Thu, 5 Mar 2015 09:08:49 EST) Unisys-led consortiums have won a chunk of a €900m European Commission IT outsourcing programme
SMEs take Capita contract dispute to UK competition regulator (Thu, 5 Mar 2015 08:17:00 EST) A group of small businesses that claim to have lost revenue through two controversial government contracts have complained to the regulator
All civilian drones should be registered, says House of Lords EU Committee (Thu, 5 Mar 2015 07:15:10 EST) The House of Lords EU Committee says all civilian drones in Europe should be registered as concerns grow over UAV terror attacks
HSBC seeks new investment banking CIO as Sumeet Chabria leaves (Thu, 5 Mar 2015 06:37:24 EST) HSBC is looking for a new IT head in its investment banking arm after Sumeet Chabria decided to leave after 21 years at the bank
VM backup drops off as DR motors on: what’s behind the survey figures? (Thu, 5 Mar 2015 06:00:52 EST) We look behind the storage and backup headlines in the ComputerWeekly.com IT spending priorities survey
China and US cross swords over software backdoors (Thu, 5 Mar 2015 05:45:57 EST) Barack Obama criticises Chinese plans to force tech firms trading in China to share encryption keys and put backdoors in software
NatWest bank tests mobile apps to help people run their lives (Thu, 5 Mar 2015 05:00:01 EST) NatWest bank is running closed beta tests of banking apps designed to help people navigate major events in their lives
Case study: How National Grid uses analytics to keeps the lights on (Thu, 5 Mar 2015 04:54:28 EST) National Grid has started a project to supplement its existing asset maintenance system with predictive analytics